Emmeline Pankhurst: The Women's Rights Movement

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When you think of equal rights you normally think about pay equality, educational equality, and protection under the law, but often the right to vote is very understated. One person who devoted her entire life to gaining the same rights as men was Emmeline Pankhurst. Within gaining the same rights as men her main focus was gaining the right to vote. It was through the militant acts that Emmeline and her suffragettes were able to gain the right to vote for women. The beginning of Emmeline’s movement started with the creation of the Women 's Social and Political Union (W.S.P.U) in 1903 (Rollyson 325). Emmeline felt as though the other woman rights groups were not as effective, and she wanted immediate changes for women. When
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Pankhurst thought completely different about the way she was running the WSPU, she viewed the WSPU as an army and within an army, someone needs to take a role in leading. Pankhurst’s motto was “Deeds not Words”, she exemplified this through militancy and guerrilla warfare (Bartley 4). Pankhurst saw that many groups before her protested by saw no progress in the women’s rights movement.

As mentioned earlier Emmeline used militancy as a way of advancing the women 's right movement. One of the many ways she used was the destruction of property. For example some of the suffragettes would blow up pillar boxes in order to show authorities that yes these letters contain important information but that the rights of women are much more significant than the letters. In the movie Suffragette, Maud Watts, when speaking to one of the authorities after being reprimanded for blowing up a mail box said: “We break windows, we burn things. Cause war 's the only thing men listen to! Cause you 've beaten us and betrayed us and there 's
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Within twelve months Emmeline was in prison twelve times.

The movement that Emmeline started has had a huge impact on western civilization and modern society. Through the WSPU women are not dependent on men for every aspect of their lives. Women can stand on their own two feet and achieve as much and even more then men can. Women can achieve the same education levels as men, work in the same fields, and have equal rights to children if there is a split or divorce. Today we even have a woman running for president of the United States of America which wouldn 't be possible without the works of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Although women in Britain got the right to vote till nineteen eighteen, it wasn’t until nineteen twenty-eight that women were granted equal suffrage to men. Without the works of Emmeline and Women Social and Political Union, none of this would have been possible. She essential assisted in breaking the gender stereotypes on women, allowing women to be treated with equal respects to men. Emmeline went through some very rough patches in her movement but she persevered and made it possible for women to obtain the right to vote. Women in western civilization and in today 's society should be utterly grateful for what she has done for women. Through acts of violence, Emmeline

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