Emmeline Pankhurst Argument

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Looking back on sources that debate the issue of women’s suffrage, it is clear how far we have come since those times, but it is still apparent how far we have to go. In the Early 20th century, people still had to be reminded that women were actual human beings who deserved proper treatment just as men did. Women’s rights activists worked hard against the barriers that had (DELETE HAD) prevented them from entering prominent positions in government and society and continue to do so today. Emmeline Pankhurst and John Vertrees’ arguments show that women have to work harder than men in order to prove that (delete that) their political actions are not irrational because of the thought that politics is only meant to have male participants.
Pankhurst highlights the idea that women in society do not have as much efficacy as men, and in turn they have to resort to harsher methods to gain attention from their government. In her speech, she relays her experience with the struggle of trying to create changes without the right to vote. Men have the right to vote and so if they have grievances, they have the opportunity to raise an argument and have their voice be heard or elect a new representative. She talks about the first step in gaining awareness for
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Since woman are not taken as seriously as men, their fights for rights wasn’t given as much legitimacy since the voting was limited to men at that time. Men were unwilling to give up their political power to the other entire half of the population because that would mean a change from their prominent hold on society. I would argue that woman still have less of a voice in politics today and although the suffragettes helped us make significant gains, we still have a lot further to go to gain total

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