Essay about Women 's Rights Of Women

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Throughout centuries of human existence, women have been deemed as inferior to men in multiple different cultures and religions. Men have developed a norm to be the individual who carries out duties to help maintain a stable life for himself and the family in which he is providing for. Because of this fundamentalist approach towards how society should be, women’s rights have been suppressed throughout political, social, and cultural actions. The Islamic religion in particular, is fond of abusing the rights of women and empowering the rights of men in such a way that it has created a permanent existence of conflict within countries who follow Islam. In fact, in the Quran it states that women must have lesser authority than men, therefore their freedom has been restricted (Kamguian). Afghanistan has specifically had trouble developing and maintaining a bridled government that can operate effectively, and as a result the Taliban has withheld power within the country. The lives of hundreds of thousands of Afghan women and children have been shattered in the human rights catastrophe that has devastated Afghanistan over the past few years. Afghan women were required to wear burkas, which are full-body outer garments that covered their whole entire bodies. Their view of the world is distorted by the veil they must wear to cover their eyes. These veils even make it difficult for women to cross the street, because they are unable to see from right to left. The wearing of the burka…

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