Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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A myriad of simple pleasures living life in the United States include voting, wearing what you choose or working wherever you want, and many women take this for granted. In places all over the world, women are subordinate to men both politically and socially. These women cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of life because of the society they are living in, especially women living in Afghanistan. Under the rule of the Taliban women had next to no rights. In 2011, Afghanistan was named the “most dangerous country” to be a woman because of the harsh inequality experienced by the Afghan women. (Duport) After the removal of the Taliban by the Northern Alliance in Kabul in 2001, conditions for women have improved, but inequality still exists due to a patriarchal society.
Even before the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, women were looked down upon and used for the gain of men in their society both politically and socially. According to Dupont, “Throughout the changing political landscape of Afghanistan in the last fifty years, women 's rights have been exploited by different groups for political gain, sometimes being improved but often being abused.” Women’s rights politically and socially have been taken advantage of many times and these difficulties continue to recur to this day. The occurrence of gendercide has been going on for many years in Afghanistan and was supported by most of the culture and customs there under the rule of the Taliban. The women and girls were discriminated…

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