Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Beautiful, bright, intelligent, and confident. Everything in a women matters to see what she’s like except one thing, intelligence. Women were not able to attend school simply because we weren’t men. Ain’t that something, being defined by your gender. Lucky today, women have the rights and freedom but just not as equal as men. However, women today didn’t participate in the women’s movement so, let’s see what these women did and how they did it along with what they accomplished.
Women today are working in a man’s world while still living in a woman’s world. When you think of a woman’s job, you think that they would be a teacher, nurse, and secretary. They wouldn’t think that a woman can be a police officer or firefighter because women aren’t strong for those jobs but, there are plenty of women police officer and firefighters. Women before the 1970’s could not have their job if they were pregnant and could not have an abortion. People who have been sexually harassed could not report what happened and can not have their own businesses. In the 1960s, 38% of American women who worked were limited to jobs because employers assumed they would become pregnant and quit their jobs.

In the 1920’s, for the first time women were able to vote. It took at least 100 years to be able to do so. This was starting to change the way women were being seen as. On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment was finally ratified and allowed women to have equal rights as men and to be treated as American…

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