Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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“Though a man may have accepted a damsel in due form, he may abandon her if she be blemished, diseased or deflowered, and (if she have been) given with fraud.” This is a quote from the Manusmriti which is one of the biggest articles of reference for Hindus. This quote is an accurate representation of how religions discriminate against women. Most religions have strict rules discriminating against women, and most religions regard women as inferior to men in almost every way, which is very unfair since religion ties into culture and that is what the social norm to women are these days. Religion should regard everyone as equal since women are more than capable of doing what men can in a religious hierarchy such as being priests or even imams.

Culture has always been affected by religion, and it always will. Culture plays a huge role in the rights of women in regards of religions. Women have almost never seen to have outstanding roles in religion such as leaders in a religious society. There are still arguments over whether women should have abortion rights or not, and these decisions are made by a primarily male population. Religion has instilled a mindset of women being incompetent with roles with a lot of power such as priests, imams and rabbis. Some even believe that women were built only for the pleasure of men. “For the man was not created from the woman; but the woman was created from the man. Neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman was created for…

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