Essay about Women 's Rights Of Women

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Women in Afghanistan do not fully have the right to participate in their government due to the traditional values and behaviors. Most of the countries don’t allow women to represent government. Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to participate in politics because of traditional values and the patriarchal society. Women face oppression through every step of their life. Women in some countries are allowed to hold government seats but some countries like Afghanistan don’t want to give too much power in the hands of women. Afghanistan is overcoming this problem due to the western cultures and ideologies. Some women now have the authority to hold power in Afghanistan while other women are still facing difficulties. Women in the 1970’s were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Women were allowed to go to school and hold office jobs. They were even allowed to wear short dresses that reveled their legs. They had a say in the government and were allowed to be a part of the government. They had so much freedom back in the days than they do now. Women’s lives completely changed under the Taliban rule. Women were banned from school. They were not allowed to show their skin in public. They were banned from going outside without men. They were even excluded from participating in politics. They were not allowed to have a say in anything. The Taliban restricted many things for women. Some scholars like Demirdogen, Ulku argues that the United Nations is helping the women in Afghanistan…

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