Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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People everywhere don’t see women on the same level as men. This does not just go on in one place. This problem is getting bigger and growing in places where people don 't care about what happens to women or feel that what is going on is right and that women are worthless compared to men. Women are thought of as being a helping hand to men and that women were made for men. Women around the world get treated with very little respect in Nepal, India, Egypt, and many other places. In Nepal early marriage and childbirth take over the streets. ‘‘One in twenty four women will die because of pregnancy or childbirth’’(ElObeid). ‘‘The daughters of many mothers who aren 't married off by the age of eleven or twelve may be sold to traffickers before they reach their teens”(ElObeid).The right to privacy is violated also; men have the right to go into their wife 's belongings at any time because the men in some countries ‘‘own’’ their wife. “For wives who husbands die early and are left to be widows face extreme abuse and discrimination if they are labeled Bokshi meaning witch”(ElObeid). This whole situation violates women 's human rights in so many ways. But the women are either too scared or believe that they should be treated like this. They expect this treatment because they haven 't been told anything else in their whole life. The women in India are stripped from their empowerment every day. “Nearly one thousand crimes are committed against women every day”(Didienne). In the the…

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