Women 's Rights Movement : Elizabeth Cady Stanton Essay

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There have been many important people who have impacted the United States in a monumental way throughout history. Each person who was considered to be the most influential in history has benefitted the United States differently. Out of each person’s actions throughout time, I believe the person who has had the biggest impact on this country was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I believe she influenced this country the most through her incredible efforts of supporting and leading the first women’s rights movement from the start (Davis 1). To begin, Stanton’s influence and interest in women’s rights began when she attended the World’s Anti-Slavery Convention in London in 1840. At this convention, women were not allowed directly in, thus ostracized from the events proceeding inside. Instead of the convention being about its original topic, it turned to debate on the allowance of women in places like conventions. This made Stanton and other women angry and hurt, and they realized there needed to be a change regarding the rights of women. Therefore, they decided to hold a women’s rights convention which promoted the rights of women. Holding a convention helped configure a community with women who had the same beliefs, and together they supported women’s rights to make a change. The development of the women’s rights movement and convention encouraged other women to take a stand and join the new movement for women’s rights (Hogan, "A Time For Silence: William Lloyd Garrison And The “Woman…

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