Essay about Women 's Rights Ends And Cultural Repression

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Democracy prides itself on giving people freedom. Before the 1920’s women did not have the option to vote much less any other freedoms given to white men. It’s a great controversy over where the line between women’s rights ends and cultural repression begins. Feminists will argue for and against for many different reasons why a niqab or burqa should or shouldn’t be worn. The niqab and burqa area hindrance to women and their rights in Islamic, male dominated countries like Iran and Afghanistan but in Western democracies it should be each individual’s choice is strange. Feminists want freedom to dress anyway they choose but at the same time sacrifice some women to a cult of misogyny. Western democracies need to be leaders in progressive ideals and fundamentals and a high priority should be getting women out from under a vail.
In many places around the world women are undervalued and treated as less than a man. In Islamic nations the burqa or niqab is, “a minority tradition among a small Islamist minority: that it is not a matter of free choice but a highly forced choice and a visual Islamist symbol---one that is ostentatiously anti-secularist and misogynist” (Chesler, 2010). People believe that the Quran instructs them to wear a burqa or niqab but there is nothing within that book that says so. For some they wear it out of fear, “… Walaa was verbally insulted and her brothers were assaulted by neighborhood boys because she was not wearing a hijab. Now, she dons one when she…

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