Women 's Rights During World War I ( 1914-1918 ) Essay

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Around the time of World War I (1914-1918), women’s right soared to new levels in the United States socially, economically, and politically while men’s presence in these areas declined due to their participation in the wartime effort. The United States entered the wartime effort in 1917, leading to a decline in men’s presence in the American workforce. This absence of men in America’s workforce led to the movement of middle-class and upper-class white women into the workforce transforming the way women operated socially, economically, and politically during World War I. As women dominated careers held by men… look at paper for thesis
Before I elaborate on how women became autonomous through mobilization in the workforce, I would like to discuss how preconceived notions of gender led to the formation of gender roles and as a result the notion of separate spheres—an ideology that defines and prescribes separate spheres for men and women. During the Industrial Revolution (1790-1870), men were sent off to earn money while women were left at home to manage the household and their children. While this transition to a new environment was unprecedented, it led to the formation of two main beliefs: the notion of separate spheres and “The Cult of True Womanhood.” The notion of separate spheres depicts the areas of interest of men and women diverging, where each gender has their separate sphere of influence; however, there is a slight overlap, but each sphere describes the…

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