Women 's Rights During The Renaissance Era Essay

1030 Words Apr 27th, 2015 5 Pages
Taylor Maglior
English 9-4A
15 Apr 2015
A Voice To Be Heard
Most women could never imagine a world where their voice didn 't matter, or the mere mention of their personal opinion could result in life threatening consequences. Females have been fighting for their rights for a long time, and although, they have gained some freedom, they are still fighting for basic human rights, such as equality. Although Renaissance women made a difference in the women 's rights movement, modern day women have made bigger strides towards equality, are treated better and have more rights.
In the Renaissance era, women were rarely allowed into the education system. Schools were mainly for men. Women, under some circumstances, were able to go to school: “Few young girls attended elementary school, however, girls did not advance far into the education system and they were not allowed to attend the university” (Huntley 8). Later, women were able to go to school, but only to learn how to read the bible. Nevertheless, women were treated very poorly in the Renaissance, people would not think of them as humans, Huntley, the author, states in his book Women of The Renaissance, “Women were thought of as property” (Huntley 10). People would think of women, not as humans, but as property of their husbands. Since they were thought of as property, they were not treated the same way that men were. Furthermore, women were very harshly treated and not treated equally. Once they got married the…

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