Essay about Women 's Rights By Susan B. Anthony

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Women have had to face a long journey in obtaining equality and freedom throughout history. There have been many factors, events, and individuals that have helped women make strides in gaining equality. There are well known individuals that have had a significant impact on Women’s Rights, such as Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton. There are also unexpected and unknown individuals that made strides for women’s rights using everyday objects to challenge the expectations and abilities that restricted women in the past. Who were some of these unknown individuals and what were some of these objects that challenged a woman’s role in American society? It took an intriguing character to provide an answer to these questions about the abilities and horizons for women in the late 19th century.
June 25th, 1894, Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky would begin a journey around the world, on a bicycle, to prove that woman could take care of themselves. (Peter Zheutlin ) Londonderry was a 20 year old wife and mother of 3 children that had strong opinions on women’s rights. She would set off on a journey around the world on a 42 pound Columbia bicycle. Londonderry would have the challenge of making it around the world in 15 months and needing to raise money to fund her trip along the way. Many would have interpreted leaving her family for 15 months as an unnatural occurrence for a mother. Yet Londonderry’s journey around the globe would challenge many perceived notions of…

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