Women 's Rights And Freedom For The Individual Essay

1487 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
Classic liberal feminism attributes the inequalities women experience to their lack of access to the economic and political spheres of social life, which in turn is caused by the legal and social restrictions that are placed upon them. With the liberal principle of universal human rights as their basis (which dictates that all humans are equal in worth), liberal feminists argue that men and women must be treated equally, which can be accomplished by eradicating any limitations (whether legal or social) that prevent women from participating in the same spheres as men. Furthermore, means that are required for women to function and flourish in these spheres, such as the right to education, must be granted to them. Classic liberal feminism is thus focused on obtaining equal rights and freedom for the individual, and believes that no further actions are required, besides removing existing limitations, for the aforementioned to occur. It also assumes that as long as the minimum amount of rights (i.e. the most basic and inalienable rights) have been ensured, women will become equal to men in society.
In recent decades, certain liberal feminists have begun to rethink whether simply removing limitations is sufficient to ensure equality. For example, there are unspoken but recognized stereotypes and expectations that are detrimental to a woman’s success in the public and private spheres of society, such as the fact that women are seen as ruled by their emotions and are therefore unfit…

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