Essay Women 's Right Campaigners Pin Hopes On New Taiwan

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Traditionally, the importance of the role of women in society has been greatly overlooked. In patriarchal societies, women are often seen as lesser than their male counterparts. In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in which women have greater autonomy as is exemplified through the wider spectrum of roles and positions that they hold. However, underlying the superficial surface are cultural values that are difficult to change. Therefore, I believe that the story “Women’s right campaigners pin hopes on new Taiwan leader Tsai to address entrenched sexism” is a relevant topic that would be important for the SEAS program participants to explore and understand as it affects Southeastern Asian culture in its entirety. The election of the first female Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen is considered a turning point and an opportunity for women to break free from their traditional roles in Taiwanese society: a milestone for the women’s rights movements. However, comments towards her sexuality, as she is not married, highlight the degrading comments and sexist slurs she has had to deal with throughout the election, while underlining the cultural value that men are superior to women. The prevalence of the patriarchal societal values in Taiwan is exemplified through the desire to have a son over a daughter, the homemaker role of women, and the gender pay gap. While the social norm may not define Taiwan or Southeast Asian as a whole, this mindset clearly traverses…

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