Women 's Involvement During Wwii Essay

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Introduction Today, the world is facing many issues and problems involving gender inequality, especially in the workplace. These issues are not new, but have developed from the gender inequality that existed during WWII. This causes the question to be raise, to what extent did female involvement in WWII impact gender roles in the 1940s? The workplace was almost entirely all-male before the start of the either world war, but the present circumstances during these times required change, thus changing the roles of women in society. Based on women’s involvement in WWII specifically in the workplace, a new gender equality movement was initiated, which furthered women’s rights during the war due to their need to gain new responsibilities; however, the end of the war brought back past roles that delayed gender equality.

Jobs and Freedoms
One perspective to consider for this issue is the requirement of women to participate in jobs related to the war efforts which gave them new freedoms previously unattained. Women throughout the country began to be involved in the industrial industry, such as Virginia Miola, Neta Paul, and Frances Shugzha from Boston, Massachusetts. “Less than a year ago [these women] were holding down comparatively easy, typically feminine jobs," but now they are operating 10-ton cranes which move gunbarrels and metals. Previously, men had these jobs, but many were drafted into the army, and, and thus, these jobs remained empty until women were allowed to work in…

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