Essay on Women 's Influence On Women

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In sport today I believe women are treated in an unfair way to their male counterparts. Sport is controlled by the media in this century and women are looked at as sexual objects rather than for their talent like men are. The women are also then expected to wear skimpy clothing not because it’s better for the sport but because of marketing. Professional female athletes are seen as inferior to their male counterparts and therefore don’t get as much media coverage. Women athletes play the exact same games, train equally as hard, yet are still getting paid a large amount less than men. Women in sport are not treated fairly and this needs to change.

Sports Illustrated. One of the most well known sports magazines across the world for giving updates on well known sports. The women shown in these magazines are shown as object. Nothing more than something that the company can take a photo of and make money from. If you search Sports Illustrated cover photos and go to images. It is clear to see that the men are shown for their talent in their sport or an action shot from a game, women are shown in a bikini, in a sexual pose or both. A journalist named Ted said “female athletes are sexualizing themselves as if it were a given.” (Ted, August 2012) Society and media has basically numbed our brains to the fact that women showing off themselves like this shouldn’t be the norm. It is a disgrace that women are urged to do this as if it is the norm and men aren’t.

When I play sport I…

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