Essay about Women 's Influence On Women

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Women during sixteen, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were not allowed to express their views. Women tried to speak and this became a major issue which gave attention to women, their modern thoughts at the end of the 18th century they were allowed to speak out against injustices. Though modern feminism was not there at that time but many women show their interest and tried to face the problems by using many interesting ideas and creative methods. In other words, we can say that ending of 18th century became the opening of women writers just by their efforts and creative methods. In the sixteenth century, women were allowed in limited involvement. They were just concerned with their household work; their world just existed in the house from their husbands to children. In most of the cases, it was the wording that education is just meant for men so it should not be forwarded to women or a girl child. If a women dare to that means if she raises her voice then she should have to face the problem of exiled from their communities. Women were not having the rights to choose their husbands or go against their parents. They were to limited in area that they only have to say yes ' whatever it is in favor of them or against them. It was like totally absence of women in 16th century mentally and physically was just we can say it was limited because as such they were the puppet of everyone After that seventeenth century no more major changes occur in the…

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