Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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Languages all have words that essentially have different meanings throughout their culture and society. The various words that are in a language all has unique connotations associated with it. The word feminine has created certain characteristics that can be associated with the people who identify with it. Some of these characteristics limits how far women can go in this society. It has a basic understanding of what exactly makes a women, and says how women fit into this society. The term has been used to categorize and determine the stature of women, by claiming women have to be loving and nurturing towards everyone they encounter they automatically are caretakers. The other characteristics that are associated with the term also greatly limit the accomplishments and prospects that could help to establish an independent and more fulfilling life for all women.
Emotions are greatly associated with being feminine. Throughout time people have given emotions to those who are more feminine than others. Even in media female actor are given characters that perpetuates this stereotype. Since it is given to women, the idea that if you are not one you have very little to no emotions. Even though there is no plausible reasoning for such a divide between the emotional and emotionless. Since women are emotional they are not suitable for certain tasks because their emotions will somehow affect how that task will get done. An example of this is Hillary Clinton 's presidential campaign,…

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