Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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Women have been one of the most oppressed minorities in history. They have rarely been powerful in any culture. In some events in history, women didn’t even have a role at all. Women didn’t have a Renaissance, like the rest of Europe did. In fact, women had more power in the middle ages than the renaissance. This power came from courtly love, and will probably be one of the only times in pre-modern European history where women had power. Throughout history women were regarded as clearly inferior to men.
In pre-medieval Europe, there were two types of groups that dominated: The Romans and the Christians. The Romans believed that women can only be wives and mothers. The famous Roman philosopher Aristotle asked “what are women for?” and “what is man?” The first question implies that women must have a function or use in society. The second question asks what is the nature of man in the world. When Christianity was first introduced, women were attracted to it because they had another option to become nuns, rather than becoming wives and mothers. Women were also attracted to Christianity because they could get an education by becoming nuns. But even Christianity had oppression on women. Many monasteries were same-sex only, thus many women were not allowed in certain monasteries. The famous story of the creation of Adam and Eve first started out with both of them being created at the same time. Though many years later, the story changed to where Adam was created first and then…

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