Essay On Standpoint Theory

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Standpoint theory says that we interpret the world and form our identity through our unique life experiences. We can combine this with the previous talk of the looking glass self. Both men and women, and upper-class and lower-class view the world differently based on their separate experiences. Men were treated and created by society to be dominate, superior, and having more rights than women. Men viewed the world with a dominate standpoint. Years ago, men would dominate kingdoms, servants, the community, and wives. They had complete control over their wife and the parts of the areas they ruled over. Women were subordinate and took that role. They viewed it as being lesser then men and they viewed the world as something always to be obeying …show more content…
If they were to kill their sons, they could take over the kingdom and gain more rights. Most women were too scared and obeying of the world. Women at this time, also took to the idea of what beauty was. The upper class women were seen with lots of clothing and long nails to show that they do not work. It was a sign of prestige. Women in the upper class often looked down on the lower-class as dirty and having to work. Their view of the world and classes was a bit snobbish. The thing that made both classes common was that each needed to marry to survive. Many were left with views less than happy and promising. People also had to marry at a certain age of deal with the penalties. During the middle ages Christianity began to take root and project their message of God and marriage. Christians believed that marriage undermined the self-control needed to achieve spiritual salvation. They also did not agree with divorce. Those who were Christians during these times viewed society as wrong and not with the Path of God. In a sense they looked down upon those who were not religious and decided to take over government tasks to take ahold of marriage and change …show more content…
Arranged marriages were previously talked about. The next type of marriage is the breadwinner/homemaker marriage. The male was in the economic sphere bringing home money to support the family. The women at first stayed at home fixing the house and raising children. At first, this marriage was considered because women were seen as needing protectors to protect them from evils. Men were their protectors, but also their providers. As a protector, women did not have many rights. They were kept in a second-class status at home. Their view of the world consisted of the walls of the home that kept them locked inside. As a provider, men helped take care of them bringing home money. Even then, women gained more rights but were still kept in a second-class status. The two spheres of gender help each one determine how they view the world. When women began to work in this model they began to see the world open up to the vast possibilities that they could achieve. Moving closer to today, people began to cohabitate. People in this situation were more individually secure in their relationships because they have their foot in the world before they decide to get married, or if the even do. People in these situations have a better view and respect for each other because as individuals they can take care of themselves. It allows for people

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