Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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A major struggle that has been a part of society for many years is inequality towards women. Men feeling more powerful than women and or feeling as if they have some sort of authority over women. Making women feel less and taking away their rights as a human being. According to Visual.ly 2014, there are 488 male authors and only 237 female authors, in 2009 5 out of 10 best known authors were men and 0 out of 10 were female. This alone already shows the huge gap that there is amongst both genders. Keeping that tradition males continue to have this belief in which they believe to be better than women. In result of that some male authors write in so much arrogance causing women to detest men, however, that is not always the case. Everyone whether female or male is the same, however, they have, different ways of expressing their emotions. For males it is most common to be heartless and cold and having no emotions whatsoever. As opposed to females who are able to have an emotional bond with others and be understanding. In writing there are many things that may influence an author such as their own personal lives and experiences. Readers can distinguish the gender of the author based on their form of writing and the way they convey the opposite gender. Women tend to be more comprehensive and in a way more sensitive to a situation. Authors use writing as a form to express themselves, however, more than expressing themselves they also share their own personal bias with the reader.…

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