Essay on Women 's Influence On Sports

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Ladies could not always play the same games as men. In the past, women had a lower status than men. Because the men were superior, a lady’s place was in her home cooking meals, cleaning messes, and watching the children. Women fought for a chance to play sports, including basketball. These women were finally able to play the sports, but the audience thought the games to be too rough, so the rules changed. Although rule makers adapted the guidelines when women’s basketball first began, the sport gave women an outlet in sports. Women’s role in society limited their opportunities to play sports. Because the ladies of this time were busy doing the housework, there was not any time to be involved in sports. Basketball stressed grace, beauty, and cooperation, but the women were to be modest and stay at home to do the housework (Duncan 396). When the women were able to work the same jobs as men, the conditions were not fair. Nevertheless, in order for women to have equal wages as men they needed to build their endurance and health since they were more prone to illness (Jenkins). Women even began competing in the sports that men played and television stations broadcasted the games. News stations presented these young lady athletes as role models, focusing mainly on the basketball players’ families, including spouses and children (Duncan 398). Consequently, the viewers perceived women’s basketball “as a sport distinct from the male version” (Duncan 396). Due to how women played with…

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