Women 's Influence On Gender Roles Essay

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While there has been some improvement in the treatment of women in leadership over the years, it is valuable to be aware and understand how today’s work-culture treats women leaders; one way to do this is through analyzing the experiences of current women leaders. In order to better understand what it is like to be a woman leading in a business environment, I interviewed Cindy Zimbrich, a manager of an adult education program in Knoxville Tennessee. Cindy’s life experiences have exemplified how one’s childhood environment can influence and shape views on gender roles, that the social role theory exists in the modern day workforce, and that the expectations of gender roles differ by culture. Cindy’s experiences also showed me the the varied motivations behind mitigating speech and how for women the double-bind theory is less applicable in situations where the leadership role is considered communal rather than agentic.
Cindy Zimbrich is an organized, assertive, caring, and considerate leader whose goal is to “get the job done” regardless of whether or not she receives credit for doing it. Cindy worked as a teacher for this ESL (English as a second language) program for two years and has been managing it for the last nine years. Due to the fact that Cindy manages an ESL program, she has experiences leading not only men and women from the United States, but also men and women from other countries. Cindy has a willingness to work hard for her employees, and she sticks by them in…

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