Women 's Influence On Female Sexuality Essay

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In the Odyssey women are normally seemed to be not as strong and hold significantly less power than their male counterparts. In essence it is historically proven that the males are the controllers and the females are in contrast, the controlled but one cannot simply forget that women are known to have exponential influences on the men around them. With that being said female sexuality seems to be dangerous and even fearful toward men which is why I feel like this is why Homer uses this “talent” that women have with their sexuality and multiples it within the story of the Odyssey in which he turns these influential powers and characteristics into goddesses. One can argue that men have this fear inside of them that they cannot control and this fear is the fear of what men do not understand but more importantly they fear what they cannot control/conquer and that is exactly what these feminist goddesses are to men! One way that men cope with this fear without giving in is to quiet or suppress it and that is exactly what they do to the goddesses and their powerful sexuality. By doing this the men can arguably “conquer” these beautiful goddesses and it keeps their sexual “talents” to a minimum. In regards to the treatment of women by Men in Homer 's The Odyssey, it is easy to see that the treatment towards women is simply sexists. The women in the epic of the Odyssey are basically judged on their looks and if they are beautiful or not. If they are beautiful then they can be…

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