Essay about Women 's Employment Equal Opportunity Commission

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Women Inequality in the Workforce
Charlotte Whitton once said “Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not so difficult.” Discrimination of women is a very real problem all around the world. Women are protected from gender-based discrimination in the workplace by federal laws enforced by the Unites States Employment Equal Opportunity Commission, the USEEOC. Though these laws are in place, many companies or workplaces find ways to get around them. Because women are often thought of as the weaker sex, that is most often the reason for these gender-based discriminations. Though women are thought of as weaker and are generalized as not being able to produce the same results as a man, women should indeed be more predominant in the workforce, and this unequal viewing, I think, should only fuel the desire to do just that. The are several factors in why women are not as predominant in the workforce as they should be. A few of these factors include pregnancies, family, appearance, physical ability, and sadly in many cases, lack of common respect from their male employers. These “weaknesses” lead to fewer hirings in many fields. In this paper, I will argue the aforementioned topics are a few of the unfair factors that cause women to be less predominant in the workforce. Women are considered inferior to men for many different reasons. Pregnancy, family, appearance, and physical ability are just a few of these reasons. Many…

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