Women 's Confucian Rules Of Women Essay

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Zhang does point out in the story that women disregarding Confucian rules led to them ruining the lives of men. Zhang says, “Women either destroy themselves or destroy someone else…if she were to meet someone with wealth and position, she would use the favor her charms gain her to be cloud and rain or dragon or monster…” (Zhen 76). This means that a woman could flirt with a man in order to get what she wanted. She could be nice and beneficial for a man like rain helps the earth. However, she can also be a monster who goes against her husband, like the woman did in Chaste Woman. The Story of Yingying refers to two men whose downfalls were attributed to women. “King Xin of the Shang and King Yu of the Zhou were brought low by women, in spite of the size of their kingdoms and the extent of their power” (Zhen 76). Both of these men became so infatuated with their consorts they forgot to run their dynasties and in turn, their empires collapsed. This shows that no matter what kind of man you were, or how much power you possessed, you were not safe from women who wanted to be independent and take anything that they could.
We see that Yingying knows the difference between right and wrong when she says, “So finally I composed those vulgar lines to make sure you would come here. It was an improper thing to do, and of course I feel ashamed…” (pg 70). Yingying knows what her role as a woman is and she admits that she did something wrong, and feels bad because of it. This is comparable…

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