Women in Psychology Paper

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Women in Psychology Paper

PSY/310- History and Systems of Psychology

September 16, 2012

Laura Rolen

Like women, members of minority groups have been on the outside looking in for most of psychology’s history. Unlike the case for women, however, significant gains for blacks and most other minorities were not made in the years following World War II, and
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Later she returned back to the United States where her father, Wolcott Calkins set up an interview with the president of the newly created woman’s college in Wellesley Massachusetts. While at Wellesley the philosophy department was making plans to offer a course in psychology, because Calkins was a skilled educator she was offered and given the chance to teach this course. In order for her to teach this psychology course she had to agree to take training on this subject for a year. Although she did not undertake on the educational training as many others did she found that there was not too many psychology programs available at the time and there were not many that would accept a woman applicant.

She later decided to take graduate work at the Harvard University there she had the opportunity to attend graduate seminars that were taught by William James and Josiah Royce, Although she was refused this opportunity by the administration of Harvard this was only because her father and Wellesley College both spoke/wrote on her behalf. She was not to be a student at the University, but just the opposite she was to become a faculty member of a College seeking post graduate instructions. By the year 1890 in October Calkins began attending seminars at Harvard University with

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