Women Work, A Jury Of Her Peers, And A Work Of Artifice

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In the works Women Work, A Jury of Her Peers, and A Work of Artifice the authors portray a negative image of women to society. All of these works talk about some way women are less than men but mainly they talk about their domestic work around the house. Women are portrayed in these works to only have to worry about working in the house and that, which is all they are good for. Domestic work around the house is a theme in all of these stories made to show how society perceives women and show how it is not the way women are to be portrayed. Many women in literature are portrayed by their domestic work around the house and how it is a very demining chore. The way women are portrayed to only do domestic work around the house shows how society looks at women and how men are perceived as superior. In the poem, Women Work, by Maya Angelou she gives the story of …show more content…
The story is about a murder in a small town and the men are the sheriff and the county attorney and the women in the story are their wives. The women are brought in because they might be able to help with figuring out what happened. Through out the story the wives are looked down on and not respected. The men say demining stuff about women by saying, “Dirty towels! Not much of a housekeeper, would you say, ladies?”(Glaspell 149). This explains how men perceive women and if they aren’t a good housekeeper she’s not much of a woman at all. The women there don 't like when they say that and in return Mrs. Hale says, “ There’s a great deal of work to be done on a farm”(Glaspell 149). They are trying to defend Minnie Wright; even though she killed her husband they understand how stressful life is as a woman. The men do not realize this and think that women are only good for domestic work around the house. Even though the women are the ones who figured out the murder the men still do not respect

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