Women Who Wear Burqas Or Hijabs Essay

799 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
Women who wear burqas or hijabs (veil), believe and practice Islam, they call them self’s Muslims. Is the Burqa a safety risk for fundamentalism? Most non-Muslim people ask the question could there be a terrorist hiding under this mysterious cover? Most Western society’s in diverse countries all over the world are terrified of the “Dark Black” veil which conceals the entire face and body of Muslim women; Non-Muslim females feel threatened by the Ghost look cover which varies and comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. The most provocative intimidation look is when the entire face is covered with a thin material that has little holes for air to gasp. The entire face is buried behind linen or cotton materials, you do not know who is behind the covering. What lives behind these façades? Why so much cover? What is the reason?
Why have these covers been multiplying in the last decade? The Veil cover is the cultural interpretation of Islam for women in the Muslim world. Most western countries have taken bans against the cover method. The burqa creates a controversy of matters, with questions to western society, “how far should the veil be tolerated?” The rise of the veil poses as a threat to women’s rights, therefore violation of freedom of human rights, followed with the extreme fundamentalist ideology behind it. Islam expresses diverse ways to dress. There are different styles as Burqa or Hijab, to cover the female body, face and hair. Some verses of the Quran…

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