Women Of The United States Essay

1358 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
It is fair to say that women in the United States have a lot more control of making decisions for themselves than women in other countries. Even though it may seem as if we still aren 't treated as equally as men in situations like the workplace, or even when it comes to just walking the down the street we have much more say than those women in foreign countries. One of the reasons why women in foreign countries may not have much power is due to their cultures and customs. Coming from a mother who is Guatemalan and a father who is Puertorican I’m aware of traditions believing that the women should be at home taking care of the family while the husband goes out and works for the families income. But this deprives women from learning and earning an education to better themselves or their families. I believe men don’t fight for women to be educated because they are scared. Scared of a wife, sister or daughter not agreeing with certain views they have. For example the one that men have more power and are superior than women. In certain countries it can be opposite to the customs I mentioned before. Nigerian women are responsible for taking care of the home. That just doesn 't involve cooking, cleaning, raising children, but they also work to bring income to the home as well. Nigeria is known for the fish market and has great economic potential. I think the U.S should promote women’s rights in developing nations because education can bring economic growth. A study was done in…

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