Essay about Women Of The Nineteenth Century

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Women Matter Too Women in the nineteenth century were undoubtedly heard to have psychological disorders. Psychological disorder is defined as a disorder of the mind involving thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that cause either self or other significant distress. There were several different reasons for women to have mental disorders in the nineteenth century. One reason that stood out among the others was how men treated women. Men and women had certain roles in society in the nineteenth century; women were the underdogs and men could treat the women how they pleased. Male attitudes toward women caused women to have psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and hysteria. Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness and worthlessness and lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities. During the nineteenth century, scientists could not figure out what could be the cause of depression. Once they knew what depression was they could then figure what the cause was of these women getting depression. Depression can be caused by a significant change in someone’s life or an ongoing event that seems to never stop. The women of the nineteenth century had a depression called reactive depression. “Reactive depression is when a person is feeling isolated, victimized, and abandoned. Women who had the reactive depression showed it physically” (Historical Understandings of Depression). One way women would do this was by making a suicide attempt. Scientists now…

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