Essay on Women Of The Nineteenth Century

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Margaret Fuller was the fundamental eye opening trigger that gave women the power to slowly expose male chauvinists and help women view themselves as human beings and not property. In her essay “Women of the Nineteenth Century”, she wrote with such passion and courage advocating for the rights of women. Although, the road to equality between women and men was far from sight in the nineteenth century, this essay ignited women to start the road towards it. Margaret Fuller was aware that mankind was progressing, which prompted her to preach to women of all social and economic backgrounds. Margaret fuller wanted freedom for women to be independent and develop the powers of self-choice they possessed. This encouraged Margaret Fuller to address many new ideas to women especially these three principles; having women take a stand and not be seen as a modern day trophy wife, women should also be given a right to choose the life they want to live, and she wanted for the Great Radical Dualism to be practiced by both men and women.
Margaret was aware of the challenges women faced every day with their own pure existence. Being born a woman, was a setback for all women and with her essay she encouraged women to see their roles from a different perspective. One of Margaret’s main concern was the fact that women were seen as what today we call a trophy wife. She states, “As to her home, she is not likely to leave it more than she now does for balls, theatres, meetings for promoting…

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