Women Of Color And Gender Inequality Essay

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In society now until eternity, women of color are facing oppression in their lives. There are four readings that connect each book together. Within those four readings there three main issues that women of color facing oppression are their racial model minority, gender role, and how the way women are look down. What ties all these main issues is what happened in the 19th century when racism, stereotype, and inequality was exits until now. The cause that women of color happen to be oppress is by racial model minority was because they are seen to be different than a non-women of color that is dominate. In one of the scholarly article it mentions, “…model-minority identity help us understand how Asian Americans can presuppose racism as they deny its structuring of society, the "model minority" is a racialized identity” (Roshanravan, 4). I think this is important to women of color, especially for the Asian American; however, even women of color are identify as model-minority, but understand is that Asian American or women of color is not races. Even women of color face racial model minority, but they also struggle the way how society is for gender role. Men and women don’t have the same right because of the living in the life where both gender can’t meet the same standard. In the reading of Indigenous American Women: Decolonization Empowerment, Activism, Mihesuah mentions,”…men and women performed tasks specific to gender. Perhaps men hunted while women farmed or men…

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