Essay on Women in Us History

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1. American women’s history has been on a rollercoaster ride since 1877. While American women’s history has experienced numerous themes or ideas, two that have been consistent throughout history is that of women’s rights, which encompasses the second theme of gender roles. From the beginning of this course, we have studied and read about gender and the roles that society believes the different sexes to be responsible for. Since the beginning, women were not granted or afforded a life independent from their spouse or significant other. They were considered property of their spouse, allowing them to do with as they please. Women were seen as inferior to men and were denied the same luxuries as men. Societal beliefs were that a woman’s role …show more content…
Women’s rights were fought for from the beginning of time and women are still fighting for them today. The Equal Rights Amendment was something that was presented to guarantee equality for women. While throughout history, they gained rights such as the right to vote, the right to employment, the right to equal pay, etc., women have yet to see the Equal Rights Amendment be passed by Congress. While the themes of women’s rights and gender roles have been consistent throughout women’s history, they have also been some of the greatest changes that women’s history has experienced. Women started out with virtually no rights. They were limited in their schooling, work, and independence. Women were expected to be the homemaker, while their husbands controlled their lives and supported them financially. The first change was when women gained the right to vote. From there, women’s rights snowballed and women today are known as equal to men in most ways. They hold positions that men hold, receive the same or greater pay, are educated in the same prominent schools, hold positions in Congress, and have even run for President numerous times. Gender roles have also significantly changed from the time where women were meant to be in the home, obedient, dependent on men, and lacking a voice. Women are now outspoken individuals. They own their own homes, are independent, and are even the breadwinners in some families. With the numerous, significant changes in women’s rights, gender

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