Essay on Women in Saudi Arabia

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The topic of this paper will focus on the women in Saudi Arabia. This topic is not only interesting and timely; it shows that even the countries whose economy is highly developed, can still have problems within the country. Saudi Arabia may be a paradise and an attraction for many people to live in because of its economic stability and its high living standards, it is also a nightmare for many of the women who live there with no rights. Saudi Arabia is a prime example of how some countries still deprive women of their basic rights, and treat them in a way that is inferior to men. Although Saudi Arabia is being run on the basis of the Islamic Shariaa law, it goes beyond what Islam says and it deprives women of their autonomy.
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Any bright colors or beaded and sequined clothes which attract attention are not allowed to be worn by women. The clothes must be loose fitting and modest. The neqab is enforced in many parts of Saudi Arabia, which involves the woman covering her face with only her eyes showing. This dress is not limited to adult women, but it can also be applied to young girls, depending on the view of the Islamic police which are enforcing the law (“Why was I Born a Girl?”). Although many of the women have stated that they would be willing to wear the hijab by choice, that freedom is not given to them (“Why Was I Born a Girl?”). The women do not have any say in deciding whether or not they want to dress this way because the dress code is strictly enforced by the government. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan represented the view that women should only have one eye showing and cover the other eye, because when they show both eyes they are encouraged to put on eye makeup, which in turn makes them more seductive to men (“Saudi Cleric Favors One-Eyed Veil”). Habadan is said to have a very large influence on conservative religious people in Saudi Arabia, and through this influence he may be able to get people to share in his views. The dress that women are forced to wear in Saudi Arabia is a hindrance to their abilities to function. They wear very heavy and thick clothes. If the views of Habadan where applied then the dress would be even more impractical and very

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