Women During The Russian Republic Essay

2046 Words Oct 24th, 2016 9 Pages
Eastern European women have obtained a stereotype for their hyper-feminine and sultry ways and their known activity of marrying Western men for emigration purposes. The obvious power structures in place in this dynamic stems from construction of femininity that is a literal subordination to men’s desires, which in turn effects the social status of all Russian women. Firstly, I will focus on the economic position of Russian women from USSR through to the Russian Republic. The notions and practises surrounding femininity marginalize both women in the workforce and negatively effect their interest in pursuing profitable careers. Women are thus hit the hardest in open markets. I will also be focusing on women in Russia and Ukraine and how their identities drastically adhere to their hyper-feminine performances. You earn the right to call yourself a woman by placing extreme emphasis on the importance of your appearance and subjecting to certain beauty standards. The importance of the ‘male gaze’ in the construction of femininity is a third element. Their femininity is built around a subordination to the desires of men. Lastly the repercussions of this perception of femininity will be examined. A resentment between women of different cultures and of different expectations of femininity causes a disregard of the other. These women live independently and working in somewhat badly paid domestic jobs and dedicate majority of disposable income on maintaining their hyper-feminine…

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