Essay Women During The Restoration Theatre

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Although centuries have passed between the time of the Restoration theatre with King Charles II and present day with Silvio Burlosconi, the Prime Minister or Italy, the treatment of women in the theatre and other performance arts has remained relatively similar. As there began being female actresses on stage during the Restoration theatre, a major part of their appeal to the audience was the use of “breeches roles,” which would highlight the outline of a woman’s body in a very provocative way for the time (Wilson and Goldfarb 244). Even into modern times, people still look towards the stage to have women expose their bodies in erotic ways, such as with belly dancing in clothes that barely cover the more intimate body parts. Both the Restoration actress Nell Gwynn and the belly dancer Ruby Rubacuori “were often seen as no better than prostitutes” that wealthy audience members could pay to have their way with (Wilson and Goldfarb 244). Although both historic and modern dancers made money through their acting or dancing, it would always be less than a male of the same status and talent level would be making (Wilson and Goldfarb 244). In order to bring in more money to support themselves, the actresses would “sell oranges” when their bodies were no longer on display on the stage (Wilson and Goldfarb 245).
The richest audience member that Nell Gwynn and Ruby Rubacuori would have come across would have been the King or the Prime Minister respectively and these men…

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