Women During The 1920s ' S Essay

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Women in the 1920s made a mark in history by the way they rebelled against stereotypes. As many say, women in the 20s were known as “new woman”. There were many things that changed for women during the 1920s. One of the biggest was the right to vote. The nineteenth amendment was passed during August 26, 1920. Many women didn 't actually want to vote they still thought that they couldn 't mix in with the roles of a man. Another law that was passed was the Cable Act in 1922, this act allowed women in the U.S to be independent of their husband. Women in the 20s also had the right to work but like always they could work in feminine positions. Like we know to this day some of the jobs were like being a secretary or being a phone operator.
“This idea of separate spheres” (Women In the 1920s in North Carolina) The idea of separate spheres basically mean, that women can do certain things that the men think is right and then the rest the man is in charge of. Women are expected to be great moms who stay at home taking care of the kids, making food, and keeping the house clean. They were also in charge of teaching the kids about religion and education. The man, on the other hand, was in charge of working, being in business and politics. This wasn 't fair because women were capable of doing the same thing a man could do. “Women are not the equal of men mentally”, “Would take them out of their proper sphere of life,” (Women in the 1920s in North Carolina). These were some of the…

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