Women During The 1920 ' S Essay

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Women in the 1920’s would do anything to get their hands on money. Women in the 1920’s wanted money, so they would marry any man who they saw that had money. Some women even cheated on their husbands because they were not rich enough, so these women went out and found men with money and had affairs with them. Women in the 1920’s were seen as inferior so they tried to prove themselves by doing anything to make them look better, even if that meant marring a man who is abusive. Some women at this time went out to find jobs to earn money, while others went out to find men with money and married them so they do not have to work for their money. Daisy will get lots of money because she marries the rich Tom Buchanan, but Myrtle uses Tom to get in the upper class in society. Daisy and Myrtle show that women in the 1920’s only care about money.
Daisy, throughout the novel, shows that she cares about money more than anything else. When Daisy was 18, she had money and her having a white car and a white dress on shows it. The white pearls on the keys represent the white for money and the expensive things she has always owned. Daisy bounced between men for a little while and “before Gatsby returns, she marries the very rich Tom Buchanan” (Bruccoli), but before Tom she was engaged to another man. When she was in love with Gatsby, he was poor and she did not want to marry a poor man, so she marries Tom because he gave her a sense of money and security. The picture of the mansion…

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