Women As Inherent Leadership : The Women 's Liberation Movement Of The United States

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Women as Inherent Leadership
The women liberation movement of the United States from 1960s to 1970s is a significant revolution of emancipating the minds of women and motivating them to strive for the equal rights and treatments. Due to the demand of the workforce surprisingly increased during the World War II, numerous women were released from household work and participated in the labor market. Women, who are involved in politics, business and education, began to play more and more important roles in the society; therefore, they are more confident to seek liberation of independence, freedom and equality. The women liberation movement succeeded to a large extent, and the growing number of women are able to possess most equal rights and responsibilities as men did. The source of the woman liberation movement was due to the oppression and discrimination that most women suffered from. Even though nowadays the world declares to achieve the gender equality, the statue of women is apparently lower than men particularly in some specific areas. Similarly, this phenomenon still exists in some business and political fields, which generates the shortage of female leadership. Therefore, the problem of whether women are more outstanding leadership comparing to men is controversial. In my personal perspective, I believe women have sustainable superiority of leadership skills over men because of their networking and proactivity.
Networking positively influences every occupation because it…

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