Women Are Necessary For Human Life Essay

1262 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Women are necessary for human life on earth making them extremely powerful, and at this point it is paramount to understand the influence they have on the human race. In various different cultures, around the world the treatment towards women is highly impacted based on their value within their religion. Women are essential and significant to everyday life as they may hold vital roles in our societal structures. They all face many different expectations, and may also have similar ones too. Throughout this paper, I will be acknowledging diverse cultures and their religions in order to understand how women are perceived within specifically Islam, Christianity and Shintoism.
Muslim women here in America continue to rise above despite the many other nations that remain constant in firm traditional Islamic beliefs. Unfortunately, some of those Islamic nations are getting worse. To begin depicting how this is occurring it is most important to understand the meaning of Islam. It is to surrender to Allah and a Muslim is one who follows a life primarily based off Islamic Law, which can be found within the Qur’an (Molloy 414). Some Islamic cultures have adopted things that seem to be traditions, but aren’t stated commandments in the holy book of their religion. These are also many of the ways that women’s suffering has increased, including cruel acts of inhumane treatment. Young girls face being circumcised at puberty in some Islamic cultures, as seen in Eastern Africa. Typically,…

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