Women Are Best For Easy Jobs Essay

1188 Words Apr 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Women are best suited for easy jobs. Men are best suited for hard jobs. Most would deny these statements, yet is this not the mindset within society that has caused the “gendering” of jobs to permeate occupations around the world? In countless cultures, for all of time, women have generally been seen as second class citizens to their male counterparts. The wife stays at home while the husband ventures out and gets the “real work” done, the man is the warrior while the woman is the healer, the boy masters the hard sciences while the girl enjoys literature, etc. In recent years, the world has made leaps and bounds towards breaking down these types of misogynistic walls that have prevented women from deciding their own future for the majority of history. But a divide still stands. Although half of all doctorates in science and engineering in the U.S. are awarded to women, only 21% of full science professors and 5% of full engineering professors are female. (Source D) Why is it so that women achieve and perform at an equivalent level of men, yet when it come time to enter the workforce men seem to have the upper hand? Is it simply because men are naturally more “cut out” for everyday work? Or is it something more complicated that has gone under the radar in society for years and years.` This segregation of occupations can even start as early as the job-searching process itself. Networking is a strategy countless job seekers use in order to get an upper hand on their competition…

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