Essay on Women And Women 's Leadership

1113 Words Feb 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Nowadays society does not know what equality means, anything a man can do, a women can do also. Women deserve leadership roles just as much as men do. Leaderships roles should be determined by characteristics not gender, women are just as capable as men. Women are significantly underrated in so many aspects when really they have ability to do anything a man is able to do if not better. Many believe that when women are in power they overuse it. Leadership is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” You do not have to be a male to be a leader, female leaders do a good job also. Many people think otherwise, they believe that a male should be the leader of an organization and to have control, power and leadership. One reason why a woman should have more leadership roles is because women and men have a different mindset which means they will have a more diverse viewpoint that will result in a better and more creative solution to business issues. “Both women and men are needed to address business issues effectively.” A second reason why women can handle leadership is because there are many women already working today who partially take leadership, but a woman 's leadership role can be a mentor to develop other women leaders just like men have been leaders and have inspired other men to become leaders. Lastly, women should have more leadership roles because when they are working with that organization that they are the leader of they will be more considerate…

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