Women And Women In Disgrace By J. M. Coetzee

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Disgrace is a novel written by J. M. Coetzee and was published in the year 1999. It features David Lurie, a fifty-two-years-old English professor in Cape Town. Lurie attempts to have a sexual relationship with Soraya, a married prostitute (Cooper 23). When this fails, he seduces her and later leaves her for an affair with Melanie Isaacs. Melanie files a complaint against Lurie and apparently, he loses his status, his job, and his dignity, forcing him to live with his lesbian daughter Lucy. Although there are several characters in this novel, Melanie Isaacs is a person of interest, who we attempt to analyze her personality and the role that she played in this story. Melanie is depicted as beautiful and stylish but not intelligent.
Melanie is a beautiful and stylish girl in Lurie’s’ Romantic Poetry Course. She is also a keen drama student, who carefully chooses her words before uttering them. Melanie has a liking for feminist writers in literature. She is portrayed as a beautiful student, but not bright in class.
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Focusing more on Bev, Melanie, and Lucy, their distinct characters represent what most women have to go through. Lucy is a unique character in the play since she is a lesbian who ends up being raped by three men, bringing the issue of sexuality to the table. On the other hand, Melanie is a gorgeous girl, but at the same time, she is quite vulnerable to men, leading to the actions because she did. She is seen to have a beautiful body and is not afraid of undressing before Lurie. “She gets up, strolls around the room picking up her clothes, as little bashful as if she were alone. He is used to women more self-conscious in their dressing and undressing. But the women he is used to, are not as young, as perfectly formed” (Coetzee 14). Bev is pictured as an ugly woman, who Lurie does not find attractive but at the same time, he goes ahead to have sex with

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