Women And Women : An Abundant Amount Of Care And Personal Treatment

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The civilians demonstrated an abundant amount of care and personal treatment when it came to treating women, in comparison to many of the other major civilizations of the ancient world. Within the average life of a citizen, a high amount of attention was put towards maintaining stable levels of happiness and joy through the home and family life in one’s lifetime. When analyzing the context and meaning of where women were situated within the family household throughout ancient Egypt, this historical place varied from time to time and also changed if a certain law drew a gender polarization among men and women. Hollis suggests that “in addressing the issue of the relationship of the goddess of a culture to the status of women, ideally one should look at all the female deities who fill cosmogonic roles and/or act as mother goddesses and consider each of them within the context of the cultures history” (Hollis, 1987, p.496). It was rare to find a women in Ancient Egyptian society who completely disregarded the norms and customs of society, especially when it came to locating her gender role in society. However, women were treated and placed in a different regard in Ancient Egypt in comparison to other Ancient Mediterranean societies when looking at their social, legal and economic positions throughout society. As a whole, women benefitted from the same economic, social and legal rights as men did. In order to locate evidence to provide reasoning for locating the place of women…

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