Wolves In On The Mountain Trail

In both stories wolves are portrayed as dangerous creatures. Throughout the story of On the Mountain Trail the wolves are chasing after what they think is prey. Then in Law of Life at the end of the story (paragraph 22) the wolves attack him and kill him. The wolves in both stories are portrayed as fierce merciless animals; they are creatures of the wilderness, hunting prey whenever possible. Wolves are not the sociable animals such as dogs that we are so custom, they are deadly in some cases. For example: In the mountain trail once the characters started to shoot at them the wolves immediately thought of them as a threat, or when you are lying there motionless and if the wolves are hungry and in a pack you are a free snack for them. They are dangerous in the stories.
The wolves in both “On a Mountain Trail” and “The Law of Life” might represent death because in “On the Mountain Trail” death is chasing them. And in the “Law of Life” when he is close to dying and the wolves come it might be that death has finally come in a shape of a wolf. In other resources the wolf represents audaciousness, because of how strong and fierce it is. Or it represents a pathfinder. It is a guide to show you
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In the fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood the wolf was a trick so he could eat her and as a result she ran away. They were supposed to scare us so as we draw to being older we never saw a wolf and if we did it was a symbol of fear to us. But because we have never seen them in person when we do we think of a way to either kill them or get them away so that they cannot harm us or them, the main characters (On the Mountain Trail paragraph 9-10 and Law of life paragraph 22). But sometimes we don’t understand wolves, they can represent fear as the lone wolf represents when it's hunting alone without his pack and howls it’s a not a social animal it just depends on its determination with its

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