Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Classical Era Of The Classical Period

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The Classical period was an age of elegance and reason lasting from approximately 1750 to 1800. The name classical is applied to the period because in art and literature, there was keen interest in, admiration for, and emulation of the classical artistic and literary heritage of Greece and Rome. The musical scene in the classical period reflected the changes occurring in the society, such as the rise of the middle class or social equality between men and women, expressed through the way music was being written. This was the first era in music history in which public concerts became an important part of the musical scene. Music was still being composed for the church and the court, but the advent of public concerts reflected the new view that music should be written for the enjoyment and entertainment of the common person. One of the most famous composers of this time was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer whose mastery of the whole range of modern instrumental and vocal forms, including the symphony,
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The main musical instrument of these compositions is the organ. His best-known piece of work is the Requiem (Mass for the Dead), which he began in 1791 but couldn’t finish before his death. Mozart also composed lighter pieces of music called serenades, which were played at outdoor concerts. One of the most famous is “A Little Night Music”. Throughout his life, Mozart concentrated on music for one or two instruments. He was fond of writing string quartets for two violins, a viola and a cello. He also composed sonatas for solo instruments, like the piano, violin and the flute. Most of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s works are cheerful and full of life. He was a person with a sense of humor and he liked to laugh a lot and joke around. Apart from lighter music, Mozart produced serious works that can be found in his late concertos and

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