Wolf 's Of The Wolf Essay

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Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado The reintroduction of the wolf in the early nineties was a highly debated enterprise. Many felt it was only right to return the wolf to it former hunting grounds, especially since mankind was directly responsible for them being eliminated in the first place. There were many though, primarily the cattle ranchers and sheepherders of Wyoming, that feared the return of the wolf and its potential impact on their livelihoods. Yellowstone National Park seemed like the best choice for implementing this experiment, since both the animals, and the human residents of the area, could be offered protection in equal measure. Several decades have passed, and we now know that the reintroduction of the wolves to Yellowstone was an overall success, despite a few mishaps with livestock losses to ranchers and poaching losses to the wolf packs. Over time, the greater fears of the ranchers were proven to be insubstantial, and wolves and humans appear to be living side by side in a guarded sort of harmony. The wolf packs have grown and the natural dispersal of pack members to create new packs began. It was a considerable surprise to the people of Colorado when one of the original collared wolves release in Yellowstone was found dead on I-70 near Idaho Springs, hit by a car as she tried to cross the highway (Division of Wildlife). This raised the question of whether or not Colorado was ready for the wolf to return, and if the state should consider…

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