Wolf Children Oral History

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Wolf Children was a very well-known term in the post-war years, but with time it has been forgotten. The term ‘Wolf Children’ is originally translated from German language ‘Wolf Kinder’ as this is a part of the German and more Eastern European history. During the post War period of 1944-1949 a huge part of East Prussia’s population has been destroyed by Soviets. In 1944 when the war turned against Germany, this land was invaded by the Red Army in a mass of orgy rape, pillage and indiscriminate killing directed against the civilians. When East Prussia and its people tried to escape from the approaching disaster, it formed part of the largest migration of humanity in history. The lady, one of the survived Wolf Children, who will be interviewed for this dissertation research has been suffered all of this. She will explain her experience very detailed of the most horrendous childhood could be imagined.
First of all, children lives in this region are one of the most important study fields. As children were on their developing age the War has left a huge impact on their lives. Children faced more horrifying
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As well as, this Oral History project will add numerous of details and examples to the secondary sources used. The interview will be held during the Christmas holidays 2014 near Taurage city in Lithuania where Ursule Jankiene(Haak) is settled up now since the World War II ended. She also has a lot of material and photos from that time as well as she is living now 20 miles from Kaliningrad Oblast, the former East Prussia. All the secondary sources for this dissertation question will be improved by the material and photos she will provide me. Of course, the interview will the most important

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